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Which people are our apocalypticists? An icon of resistance shows her face and her heart, thanks to Thilo Jung (for International Women's Day)

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Carla Hinrichs, climate gluer – apocalypticist like Jesus?

Just 2:30 hours. see & hear:
Guests in the studio by Jung & naive: Carla Hinrichs, climate protection activist and spokesperson for the Last Generation Climate Alliance, called: climate gluer. Actually a former climate gluer, because the movement has reflected on its strategy and re-contextualized it. In doing so, they are opening a new chapter as a movement. Disturbing is meant to continue, but the context has one Strategy change in progress brought. The Party formation The aim of the movement for the European elections is to stir up the EU Parliament and give the apocalyptic message a platform. And: Instead of dividing ourselves into small groups and blocking roads, we will work together with many people disobedient gatherings make. And where we cannot be ignored. They will link everything with a simple appeal to Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. They will call on him to speak publicly and honestly about climate destruction and the necessary change. During her introduction, I thought about how Jesus would have appeared today in such an interview with a contemporary one apocalyptic message: Turn back, because the divine overthrow of circumstances is near. It is urgent, God's plan is: It is Not much time left to turn things around! The climate doesn't control things. Neither does God.

Apocalyptic times need brave & sensitive people

A conversation about Carla's activist career, childhood and youth, her politicization with Amnesty, sense of justice and joining a low-threshold movement with 10 principles and 3 demands at "Extinction Rebellion“. She was at the FFF demos, but it wasn't her thing. Both movements involve contradictory actions (“school strike”, for example, was not possible for her as a student, “Extinction” causes disruption by interrupting road traffic; that suited her very well). “I was really good. I also studied law!”
For her, her law studies were a logical world like mathematics: there was always a reason, then a logic and then a consequence. However, the trials against her as a climate activist are political processes that follow a different logic. What becomes clear in the conversation is the legal logic that explains the traffic blockades as so-called “violent resistance”. 

How did it come about? Last generation 2 years ago: It was important to go on a hunger strike before the election in order to force a conversation with Olaf Scholz in which the group could express themselves with reference to the Climate emergency. Afterwards, it became clear to her that politics “doesn’t want to or won’t regulate this!”
The Surname the movement comes from a quote from B. Obama: “We are them last generation before the tipping points that could change something." Or "last chapter" would also have been a name 🙂
Basic idea: To be so disruptive that it cannot be ignored – they have learned a lot from that Handbook of Activism with different forms of action. However, the meaning of "climate living" was invented in practice as a method. British activists demonstrated this (in Extinction Rebellion) and also defiled works of art as a form of action. 

Prerequisite: strength from a belief

The prerequisite for this political activism (and personal readiness for the legal consequences - up to prison sentences!) is a "faith" (basic conviction) that is deeply concerned with the issue. "FFF has created awareness of the problem, we have it urgency and Drama made clear."

Thilo's questions about "success": We started with 24 people, today there are thousands of people who, thanks to a lot of educational work in the background (1000 lectures in 2023 alone) have joined the movement. One Study by the Berlin Science Center say that the form of action does not reduce the approval of climate measures because of the (rejected) individual activist measures. This “ makes it clear how important it is to distinguish between the reputation of the protest group and its influence on people's political attitudes,” says WZB researchers Daniel Saldivia Gonzatti. “In the short term, radical actions impact support and legitimacy for climate protests, but not support for climate policies.”

“Alarmism and apocalyptic statements, on the other hand, have almost no effect on public perception of climate protests. Only those respondents who were presented with an apocalyptic message linked to road blockades expressed more support for this form of climate protest. However, the approval ratings are still significantly lower than those for climate demonstrations."

Carla disagrees: “Behaving neutrally means doing nothing. This is the worst thing people can do." 25% of respondents say they support the protest. So a very small proportion of activists in a population can have a very strong influence on public opinion.

Why isn't politics reacting? Why is system maintenance so successful? – Because it is so incredibly lucrative (cf. Ulrike Herrmann). Capitalism needs growth. The global north is absolutely the winner of capitalism.
Why didn't you bother the super rich? We did: We stopped the oil pipelines in Germany 30 times. There was no attention to such actions. And if there was sympathy (among the rich at the airport in Sylt), the solution quickly becomes far too simple: I, as a normal citizen and non-private aircraft owner, withdraw from my own responsibility.

"But we have to activate a large part of society... No one is uninvolved in this crisis."

Resistance of the system: Asking Thilo Jung's success question to an apocalyptic woman also shows specifically the problem with apocalyptic narratives: Why aren't you successful?
Carla always countered with activist methods, various forms of action and her search for an effective way to gain political influence. (Perhaps it is the fate of apocalyptic messages that invite a transformation, i.e. an "exciting hero's journey" that they are disliked as long as there are simpler alternatives that promise that everything can stay as it is - almost the narrative of all political actors in the German party landscape)

Questions such as B. this one: “What is the legal difference between the actions of the “climate glue” and the road blockades of the farmers? Are countless farmers also accused of coercion? The actions were assessed very differently in the press and in the language in the political sphere. But what is blatant is what the respective ones Motivations were. Some people want that climate and the living space for all humans and the others want to save their money (keep the subsidies).”

Finally comes their criticism of Party system and the plan of the “Last Generation” moving into the European Parliament, citizens' councils, Carla's trials for "coercion", the search of her apartment in May 2023 and much more. 

A likeable, alert student – nothing more?

Or: “I find Carla’s work extremely impressive. Of course, you don't have to go along with every form of protest, let alone every individual protest action. But it is incredibly moving to see how deeply many people are personally involved in our democracy. At the end of the day, Carla is a young woman/student who, in her mid-20s, is taking on a surprising amount of things. And then – of course also due to her public position – she also has to justify so much. Toward civil society. The media. The state. Should stand up for everything. Should provide perfect solutions for everything. I wish that only a few million people would get involved half as much... We would very quickly live in a country that takes the climate crisis very seriously. I was particularly moved by the personal consequences for her life during Carla's descriptions. I think the personal risks and sacrifices sometimes shake people up even more than some of the protests themselves. It must be noted that there is a discrepancy between the LG's protest and the behavior of those in power who are allowed to continue fueling the climate crisis with impunity. At this point, shouldn't corporations and politics finally have to explain themselves? Many thanks to Carla! A really very pleasant conversation!” 💚

A spontaneous reaction: Great episode and I have a lot of respect for Carla.❤ Carla seems to be a very likeable, smart, strong and lovely woman... High regard, just high regard ❤

After this format gives you a lot of space to show yourself, to shed light on the background and to work through all the why questions, the person and motivation and meaning of your personal narrative become clear. So it's important to have this space in public discourse, not just short "headlines" on talk shows where people don't really listen.

But the following reaction is also possible:Thank you Thilo for this format!!! From term 01:30 You have wonderfully highlighted the SENSELESSNESS of the movement, the comparisons to other successful protests and Carla has no more arguments than: be AGAINST it and EVERYONE is to blame. Great interview!!!" (irony)

At the end, questions from the audience via Hans.

Surprisingly, there weren't many specific questions at the end (2:38 hours), just people expressing their frustration.
Carla's answers to factual questions in brief:

  • The potential for violence in society becomes very clear in the disturbances on the street, which scares Carla.
  • Their political demand for one is and remains exciting Social council as an improvement to democracy.
  • She mentions Martin Luther King as an inspiration who expects activists to stand up for the common good (as opposed to lobby groups like the Farmers' Union).
  • But there are no figureheads like Martin Luther King, but rather many on many levels (I'll say biblically: many prophets among the people, cf. Acts. 2)who are guiding figures for those around them.
  • In her opinion, political participation from as many perspectives as possible is the most effective method for social change.

PS Images create narratives (narrative intentions, messages)

As an afterword and classification. It's about the large and small stories, the narratives of a society (some as misleading, fake news or conspiracy myths - the modern "fairy tales for adults"). A strong narrative from the Inequality of power and the Courage of the heroineswho stand against the world symbolizes this Photo taken in Baton Rouge.This picture worked went viral on Twitter and generated different stories, just as the derogatory comments on Carla Hinrich's protests reveal more about the narratives of society or certain social groups. 

"She was there, she didn't resist, she made no move to move away," said photographer Jonathan Bachmann.(Photo: Jonathan Bachmann/Reuters).

It is a simple gesture of protest: a young black woman stands in the middle of the street with her arms crossed. She, along with other demonstrators demonstrating in Baton Rouge, had just been asked to open the street. But the woman just stops. She looks at the officers with her head raised. She seems proud, strong, but somehow vulnerable. Her thin summer dress blows in the wind. Armed and armored officers stand in front of her. Two of them run towards the demonstrator - and arrest her.

Ikone von Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge icon

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