The good sides of the 7 deadly sins. New maps of human maturity and mental health

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The good sides of the 7 deadly sins. New maps of human maturity and mental health
Product description

Unfortunately, black-and-white models of thought are booming again. Using the example of the prototype of all ethical black-and-white models, the 7 deadly sins, a complex, colorful world view unfolds in the values square through a simple trick.

The practical bonus for people who want to work on their personal development: this creates mental health! Learn to orient yourself better in your complex world with 7 maps for the soul. At the end of the journey, you will find 7 surprisingly new deadly sins and a new balanced attitude that will finally free you from all too simple advice. This makes the book highly topical in view of the trench warfare in society.

The Alleinstellungsmerkmal des Buches liegt in der innovativen Herangehensweise an das Thema der Todsünden und Tugenden. Der Autor präsentiert nicht nur die klassischen sieben Todsünden und Tugenden, sondern erweitert das Konzept um sieben neue Todsünden, die als „altruistisch“ (dieser Begriff ist in einer neuen Weise definiert!) bezeichnet werden.

nuPerspeceve Series Volume 2 | Life Advice & Wisdom
196 pages | Square 210x210 | in high-quality hardcover | 18 colored pages / Lemgo 2024


Helge Seekamp entwickelte als Pfarrer der ev.-reformierten Kirche in Lippe, NRW, seit 1985 in Gemeinden innovative Formen von Kirche mit. Zuletzt war er 24 Jahre in der ev.-ref. St. Pauli-Gemeinde in Lemgo. Als Gründer und ehemaliger Moderator:innen-Trainer des Endlich-Leben-Netzwerks e.V. und Ehrenvorstandsmitglied, liegt ihm Persönlichkeitsentwicklung in christlichen Endlich-Leben-Selbsthilfegruppen am Herzen.


Antje Fink from Pattensen is an artist with a fine, experimental painting style. She develops this in 7 new, colored maps that are directly tailored to this concept. Her style thus shapes this book.

Brief description:

The author reflects on the classic deadly sins and virtues and puts them to the test to examine their effects on individual well-being.
New perspectives on virtues and sins are presented, encouraging rethinking and emphasizing a balance between them for a fulfilling life.
Seven completely new 7 deadly sins are presented, which are considered to be current and problematic behaviors, and which make people aware of the dangers to traditional virtues and critically question them.
The book offers a comprehensible and widely accessible presentation of the topic, which is also suitable for readers without specific expertise in psychology or theology.

Die Lese-Nutzen für dich:


The book offers a new perspective on the traditional concepts of deadly sins and virtues, encouraging reflection and self-reflection on one's own behavior.
Du erhältst Einblicke in die guten Seiten der Todsünden und Tugenden, die dir helfen können, dein eigenes Verhalten besser zu verstehen und ein ausgewogenes Leben trotz (bleibender) Spannungen anzustreben.
Durch die Erweiterung des Konzepts um "neue Todsünden" und die kritische Betrachtung der traditionellen Tugenden lernst du eine umfassende und differenzierte Sichtweise auf Werte und Verhaltensweisen.
The book encourages reflection on social norms and values and offers guidance for personal development and self-reflection regarding ethical issues and moral values.
This high-quality book is ideal for anyone interested in improving mental health and reflecting more deeply on good and successful living. Since it is written in a very quick and understandable way, it is a pleasant, easy read.

Die Inhalte sind mehrheitlich psychologisch begründet. Nur die letzten 3 Kapitel reflektieren die christlich-theologische Geschichte des Sündenbegriffs und bieten einen für das 21. Jh. stimmige Neuinterpretation an.

For finally-living groups

In steps 6-9 in the Christian self-help groups, the focus is on transforming behavior according to the underlying 12-step process. The floor images are used to find the direction for new behavior. In this book, the author explains in detail on 196 pages the content dimension of behavior, which is briefly summarized on 7 pages in the Finally Living Workbook. It can therefore wonderfully deepen the work on steps 6-9 and make it more understandable.

Nutzen für alle

It is pleasantly balanced in the current social division caused by the lack of a culture of dialogue in social networks and the alarmism increased by the Internet, and offers a fundamental model of thinking for overcoming false (black and white) alternatives. It thus guides people to deal with poles of tension in a more profound and well-founded way. This mental calm in the midst of tension is the basic skill in a complex world in which tensions are naturally more clearly experienced.
Overall, the book will offer readers a new perspective on the topics of deadly sins and virtues, stimulate them to think, and help them develop a deeper understanding of their own behavior and values. The clear and understandable presentation and the author's innovative approaches will make the book useful and enriching for a wide audience, regardless of specific expertise.

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