»Just finally live!« Hope. Development. Serenity. The Christian 12-step program

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Product description

Product description: The workbook for the Finally-life group work

Hope. Development. Serenity. The Christian 12-step program.

Authors: Helge Seekamp, Nadine Synofzik.
1st edition 2022 (completely revised, error corrected) Unboxing video

ISBN 978-3-579-07472-6
21x21 cm valuable Hardcover with bookmark, 384 pages with photocopies.

Group participants use this workbook during the Finally Living group.
For each step, it contains appropriate questions about self-perception using a picture of a tree.

We help you to set up a group and train the group moderators.

  • The group, structured by 6 rules, offers a protected space,
  • to work on personal life issues for 1 year.
  • The workbook accompanies your path of development with the help of the "12 Steps", a development wisdom that has proven itself worldwide.
  • Self-help methods serve to confidently develop one’s own potential.
  • Group members enjoy working together as equals.
  • Honesty, balance and respect promote responsible and mentally stable people.

This special kind of pastoral care for each other has a lasting effect on the maturation of the personality. Our Efficacy research shows that participants feel less stressed after finally living.

About the authors

Nadine Synofzik
Author, psychologist (M.Sc.) and psychotherapist, married to a pastor. For this workbook she developed a tree model and example stories. This makes it easy and clear for participants to work with the group material. She has tested and refined it over the years in her Niederkaufungen parish. As a psychologist, she also evaluates the self-tests to check the effectiveness of the group work.

Helge Seekamp
Author, pastor and product developer of the Endlich Leben program. In 1994 he founded the Endlich Leben network for Christian 12-step groups in Germany and later in Europe. Since then, over 20,000 workbooks have been sold in German-speaking countries alone. He is responsible for and designs effectiveness research, theological reflection and training for group moderators.

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